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Gift Mate Celebration Bags - Medium

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Gift Mate Celebration Bags - Medium ( Available in 6 prints )

  • Brand: Gift Mate
  • Product Code: GM-MEDIUM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2.00 $2.90


Gift Mate is an innovative gift wrap solution, that requires no tape-no ribbon and no scissors.

Made from 2-ply specialist plastic film, these drawstring gift bags are stronger than paper gift bags with brighter colours, do not permanently wrinkle and are certified food safe.

Holographic finish with a colourful celebration rainbows design. The pleated bottom allows the bag to stand up on its own for easy loading. Simply pull the inserted ribbon drawstrings tight and tie in a bow for the perfect presentation. Bonus gift tag included with each bag.

The medium bag measures 23cm long x 33cm high x 7.9cm wide.

Ideal for medium size gifts including toys, stuffed animals, boxed cell phones, MP3 devices, perfume, coffee mugs, paperback books, boxed pen sets and DVDs. Also great for a small hotel/hospitality bag.

One medium bag will hold 1 small bottle of water, 1 granola bar, 1 small bag of chips and a regular size candy bar.

How it works

Simply pull on the inserted drawstring ribbon to wrap your presents and gifts making gift wrapping a stress-free process. No tape or scissors required.

Gift Mate gift bags make giving as easy as. 1, 2,3


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