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Eplas Accessory - Bottle Cleaning Brush Set (EG-3B) - Available in 4 colours

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Eplas Accessory - Bottle Cleaning Brush Set (EG-3B) - Available in 4 colours

  • Brand: Eplas
  • Product Code: EG-3B
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $9.90

Eplas Bottle accessories – cleaning brushes and straw& brush set

Keeping clean the Eplas bottles and straw is important thus Eplas comes complete with the necessary cleaning brushes and spare parts like spare straws for the kids bottles so your bottles are always clean and fresh.
-Special ant-ifungal brush hair can effectively limit bacterial growth, and reassure us to use.
-Preventing rust and shedding, makes bottle cleaning easy and effective.
-Extra-long bristles allow for suitability for openings large and small.
-Hold the handle tightly and use gently, easy and fast to clean bottle.
-More easy to wash bottle shoulder part.
-Easy-grip handle design and special material that not easy to scratch the bottle.

-Straw cleaning rush are the min brush that designed to clean straw's hard to reach parts.
The brush body are made of Stainless Steel Wire,it's flexible stem can bend well and reach every single corner inside straw.Each brush is equipped with Nylon Bristles,it is soft and can remove stubborn stain easily.Hook end designs for hanging and easy access.

Keep the brush hair dry before using and clean after each use.
When insert or remove the brush, please use the brush gently, it can make the brush more durable
Check the brush frequently. As finding broken, change immediately to ensure safety.
DO NOT use in additional way.
DO NOT place the brush near the fire and high temperature place.
DO NOT sterilize.

Temperature resistance:
-Sponge : 80C
-Handle: 120


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